A country retreat for all your

dogs & cats' needs


Providing your pet with a safe and fun experience


Check your dog at Maison Dog, our homely country-style dog-stay. Your pups will board in our home and be treated like our own dogs. They will sleep in our doggie bedroom, have daily walks in the forest and enjoy nice play sessions in our big garden.

A peaceful heaven: birds chirping, sun rays through the high forest trees, a big garden to play chase or just sun bath and relax on the fresh grass, zero traffic and vehicles. It’s all set to offer your dog a perfect and relaxing stay!


Maison Dog offers a fully insured dog walking service that caters for a maximum of 4-5 dogs at a time.

You won’t be disappointed when your dogs arrive home happy, tired and completely satisfied after their adventure.

We walk in safe, off road, non-crowded forests and fields locations so that your dog is guaranteed the freedom to play, with the bonus of some ready-made friends!


As a small cattery, we offer our best personal attention to every guest: playing, grooming, cuddling or just presence, depending on personality...


...or let us visit your cat while you’re away to feed, water and clean litter, to groom, play and give cuddles in the comfort of his own home, within familiar surroundings with his usual sights and smells.


It's as simple as this. I love dogs!

Having grown up in the country side and the daughter of a fond animal-lover dad, I have always been surrounded by pets of all sorts, dogs in particular. As an adult, I went on to work in marketing for a big company based in Luxemburg.

The pursuit of my career kept me from adding a dog to my life for so many years: lots of traveling, rarely home, long working hours… Eventually, tired of being dog-less, my husband and I rearranged our working schedules and brought Brenin in our lives, a male Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Brenin entered my life and he blew it away. Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are tough, wild, primitive, demanding of huge attention and leadership. Thanks to Brenin I was able to re-connect to nature and my true spirit.

After a year and a half, Danika, a female Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, joined “our pack”, and that was it.

From marketing to pet care is an unusual career trajectory, but it brought the moment when it was clear all I wanted to do was to devote my life learning from such beautiful creatures.


2015 - 2017 Deierepensioun Lassie

2018: Hundefuhrerschein

2018: Inititiation au Tranining et à l'Analyse

du Comportement appliquée at Animal Académie 

Passed with distinction

2018 - 2020: Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma

at British College of Canine Studies

Passed with merit

2019: Professional Dog Walker Certificate

at British College of Canine Studies

Passed with distinction

2019: Face à l'environnement: aider les chiens réactifs,

aggressifs et phobiques

Lisa Longo at Muzo +

2020 Ph. D, Dr. Susan Friedman's "Living & Learning with Animals (LLA)"

Department of Psychology, Utah State University

2020 Karen Pryor Dog Trainer Comprehensive Course


Always respect dogs' nature

Animals, dogs, don’t care who you are or where you come from: all that matters to them is that you are kind. If you respect their nature, they will return the favor in ways words can’t describe. They live in the present, forgive the past, welcome new beginnings and love unconditionally. They give you moments in which you realize they are far more in-tune with the world around them than we are.

At Maison Dog there is no standardized approach.


We believe that all dogs deserve to have a good time when their owners are away.

We deploy our best experience, knowledge, and continuous learning in order to accept almost any dog: from mini to giant size, unfixed males and females, in heat bitches, puppies and elderly, traumatized and unsocialized dogs, handicapped and injured dogs, dogs with an unknown or sad history. 


Every dog has a different temperament and different needs and it is our job to adapt accordingly. We do our best to understand where a dog is coming from and set the right environment for him to be happy with us.


Embracing this diversity is what makes us so passionate about this job.


So what does it all cost?


XS | S Dogs: 37€/day

M | L Dogs: 48€/day


Single: 37€/ day

Regular: 33.5€/day


Single walk: 27€

Regular walk: 24.5€


Boarding: 17€/day

Home visit: 28€

Discounts apply for multiple pets or stays longer than 10 days. Contact us for more details.


1500 square meter rural property

Right at forest's entrance

Indoor Doggie Bedroom

Access to house & garden

Daily walks in the forest

Daily play & socialization time

Water play in the splash pool (summer)


Pick up/drop off at 20€ per trip (upon availability)

15-minute training session at €15


Satisfaction granted!


Super quick & easy

1. click the availability button

2. create an account

3. fill in with your details

4. fill in your dates

5. wait for our booking confirmation*

*Availability depends upon available space & fitting of your pet within the existing group

New clients' bookings are confirmed only following prior visit & dog free assessment day


Questions or comments?


Tel: +352 691 122082

10, Rue de la Foret, L-6196 Eisenborn

(Visits, check-in & check-outs upon appointment only)


Our favourite pet professionals


grooming & massage

Located just 3 minutes away from Maison Dog, find Natascha and her Barks & Bubbles: a cozy beauty salon where your pooch can get a nice bath, a new fur-style, and even a relaxing massage!

Get in touch with Natascha!

+352 691 885 139

7 Im Herbstfeld, 7390 Blaschette



Contact Maison Dog!

If you wish to book a bath on the last day

of your dog's stay at Maison Dog.


veterinary practice

One of the most professional, dedicated, and passionate vets I have ever met.
At Cabinet Vétérinaire des Cerisiers your will find a competent and humane doctor who takes all the necessary time to take very good care of your animal and to assess and explain to you the situation in detail.

Cherry on the cake, a high standard of equipment and a nice and friendly assistant.

Big hearted professionals to trust!

Get in touch with Dr. Rawad El Khouri!

+352 27 91 84 89

2b A Romescht, 7364 Bofferdange


Contact Maison Dog!

If you wish to book a vaccines' renewal during your animal's stay at Maison Dog.


Dog Chef offers delicious, fresh, ready-to-serve dog meals made from natural ingredients: high quality proteins, nutrient rich vegetables, and the vitamins and minerals your dog needs, conveniently delivered to you.

My dogs absolutely love it!

Check this out!


fresh dog food

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