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Located just 3 minutes away from Maison Dog, find Natascha and her Barks & Bubbles: a cozy beauty salon where your pooch can get a nice bath, a new fur-style, and even a relaxing massage!

Get in touch with Natascha!

+352 691 885 139

7 Im Herbstfeld, 7390 Blaschette


Contact Maison Dog!

If you wish to book a bath on the last day of your dog's stay at Maison Dog.

One of the most professional, dedicated, and passionate vets I have ever met.
At Cabinet Vétérinaire des Cerisiers your will find a competent and humane doctor who takes all the necessary time to take very good care of your animal and to assess and explain to you the situation in detail.

Cherry on the cake, a high standard of equipment and a nice and friendly assistant.

Big hearted professionals to trust!

Get in touch with Dr. Rawad El Khouri!

+352 27 91 84 89

2b A Romescht, 7364 Bofferdange

Contact Maison Dog!

If you wish to book a vaccines' renewal during your animal's stay at Maison Dog.

Dog Chef offers delicious, fresh, ready-to-serve dog meals made from natural ingredients: high quality proteins, nutrient rich vegetables, and the vitamins and minerals your dog needs, conveniently delivered to you.

My dogs absolutely love it!

Check this out!

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