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Safe and fun experience

Safe and fun experience

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Check your dog at Maison Dog, our homely country-style dog-stay. Your pups will board in our home and be treated like our own dogs. They will sleep in our doggie bedroom, have daily walks in the forest and enjoy nice play sessions in our big garden.

A peaceful heaven: birds chirping, sun rays through the high forest trees, a big garden to play chase or just sun bath and relax on the fresh grass, zero traffic and vehicles. It’s all set to offer your dog a perfect and relaxing stay!


Many cats are highly social and enjoy company very much. In a neutral territory like our small cattery, they entertain themselves by observing each other or they interact in non aggressive ways. 

It's like they are watching Kitten-Netflix all day long! 

As a small cattery, we offer our best personal attention to every guest: playing, grooming, cuddling or just presence, depending on their  personality.


As an accredited behavior consultant and certified trainer, I can help you  either in teaching new behaviors to your pets or to modify undesired ones. 

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