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Safe and fun experience

Safe and fun experience

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Check your dog at Maison Dog, my homely country-style dog-stay.

Your dogs will board in our home and be treated like my own dogs. They will sleep in our doggie bedroom, have daily walks in the forest and enjoy nice play sessions in 2 big gardens.

A peaceful heaven: birds chirping, sun rays through the high forest trees, a big garden to play chase or just sun bath and relax on the fresh grass, zero traffic and vehicles. It’s all set to offer your dog a perfect and relaxing stay!

My mission

Animals, dogs, don’t care who you are or where you come from: all that matters to them is that you are kind. If you respect their nature, they will return the favor in ways words can’t describe. They live in the present, forgive the past, welcome new beginnings and love unconditionally. They give you moments in which you realize they are far more in-tune with the world around them than we are.

At Maison Dog there is no standardized approach.

I believe that all dogs deserve to have a good time when their owners are away.


I deploy my best experience, knowledge, and continuous learning in order to accept almost any dog: from mini to giant size, unfixed males and females, in heat bitches, puppies and elderly, traumatized and unsocialized dogs, handicapped and injured dogs, dogs with an unknown or sad history. 


Why Maison Dog stands out?

I don't believe in improvisation, and I take my profession very seriously.

I constantly update and improve my facility, my equipement, my practices, and education as the more I learn, the more I strive for excellence, the more I can make a difference in your dog's life.

  • 5000 square meters of land

  • Entirely fenced, 2 meters high

  • Right at the forest's entrance

  • Video surveillance

  • Plenty of socialization time

  • Professionally equipped vehicle, with anchored customized crates, each of them provided with security exists

  • Clean environement, regularly desinfected with professional product


So how does it all cost per day? 

Cookapoo Dog

Mini & Small 

Less than 15 kg

Siberian Husky

Medium & Large 

Less than 45 kg

Cane all'aperto

Giant size

45 kg and above

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