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Puppy Preschool sets the foundation for a lifelong partnership

between you and your puppy, based on mutual understanding and trust.


The program will teach you how to safely socialise your puppy, as well as how to have a positive approach to problem-solving, prevention, and training.

All without the use of force.

What will

you learn?

  • Use positive reinforcement training with your puppy

  • Prevent and manage undesired puppy behaviors

  • Ensure that socialization experiences are positive for your pup

  • Understand normal canine behavior

  • Read canine body language

  • Build a lifelong bond with your puppy

What will

your puppy learn?

  • Be comfortable around new and novel stimuli, people and sounds

  • Accept handling and restraint to become great veterinary patients

  • Meet and play with different breeds of an appropriate age

  • Be independent. This is important to prevent separation anxiety

  • Explore their environment at their own pace

  • Learn to share or trade valued items (chew toys, foods, furniture)

Socialisation topics

  • Health & Handling

  • Wheels & Children’s Toys

  • Obstacles & Sounds

  • Costumes 6 Appearances

Trouble shooting

  • House training

  • Playing biting & chewing

  • Jumping

  • Handling & restraint

  • Food bowl issues

  • Confinement & crate training

  • Independence training



  • Training foundamentals

  • Targeting

  • Sit

  • Come

  • Leave it / Drop it

  • Leash Manners foundations

What does Puppy Preschool include?

  • 8 lesson-course spread over 4 consecutive weeks

    • 4 evening Zoom classes (Tuesdays) to discuss prevention of problem behaviors

    • 4 in-person practical classes (Saturdays) held at different locations (vet office, park, urban environment, forest)

  • Puppy Start Right book by Dr Kenneth and Debbie Martin available for purchase

  • Small group sessions (4 to 6 puppies)

  • Positive reinforcement program based, exclusively fear and force-free

  • Homework assignments

  • Puppy enrichment products available to purchase

  • Private Facebook group to share doubts & achievements

  • Ongoing counseling up to one week after completion of the course

Who is welcome?

Matita e blocco note
  • Maximum 2 people per puppy

  • Puppies between 8-14 weeks of age at the start of the course

  • Puppies must be started on their vaccination series

Image by Joe Caione

How much is it?


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