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I learned a lot from a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Brenin & Danika

I learned that we cannot please everyone and that not everyone can please us. Amen, we will live well anyway.

I learned that imperfection is not so bad, you can be imperfect...and beautiful at the same time!

I learned that mutual trust and respect are not granted, we need to earn those day after day, together.

I learned that questioning yourself is very hard, but you’ll find answers that you would never have had otherwise.

I learned that nothing ever happens by accident.

I learned to be careful, because every action has precise consequences!

I learned that behind a smile, there are a thousand facets!

I learned that five minutes apart can be like eternity, when you love unconditionally!

I learned that when you want something with all your heart, you find a thousand ways to get it!

I learned that you can tell many things while being silent.

I learned that you can live without so many things, but you can’t live without your pack!

I learned that falling can be good, because when you get up, you have learned one more thing!

I learned that by just one look you can say more words than by an entire conversation.

I learned that, often, peeing on something and moving on is by far the best solution.

I learned that cat and dog, yes, it is possible sometimes.

I learned that together we can overcome fear.

I learned that the darkness is not so scary, because in the dark you can see the stars.

I learned that things are much simpler than what we often want to see them.

I learned not to ask myself a thousand questions all the time, but to just let things happen sometimes.

I learned that a good growl is sometimes damn good for the soul!

I learned not to hold a grudge, but to always be careful!

I learned that the hardest goals are the ones that ultimately give you the most!

I learned that you have never done, but that it is beautiful like this!

I learned that stubbornness is not always a defect.

I learned that nature is often the best place to take refuge.

I learned that a house with animals is not dirty but “alive” and that hair make a nice decoration.

I learned that snow is a wonderful thing to roll in and laugh like fouls!

I learned that crying is not for the weak, but for the people who always go on, no matter what!

I learned that everyone can get to the top if they want, it just takes one step after the other...and a wagging tail standing by your side!”

Ref. Katia Bonacini

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