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I am an animal lover!

Having grown up in the country side and the daughter of a fond animal-lover dad, I have always been surrounded by pets of all sorts, dogs in particular. As an adult, I went on to work in marketing for a big company based in Luxemburg.

The pursuit of my career kept me from adding a dog to my life for so many years: lots of traveling, rarely home, long working hours… Eventually, tired of being dog-less, my husband and I rearranged our working schedules and brought Brenin in our lives, a male Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.


Brenin entered my life and he blew it away.  Thanks to Brenin I was able to re-connect to nature and my true spirit.

After a year and a half, Danika, a female Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, joined our family, and that was it.

From marketing to pet care is an unusual career trajectory, but it brought the moment when it was clear all I wanted to do was to devote my life learning from such beautiful creatures.

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